Losieva Svitlana Mykolaivna

Сategory Family member
Last position Limited Liability Company "Law Firm "Legal Consulting", ownership
Sept. 22, 2016 Close associate or family member - PEP is no more PEP
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period

The Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine , Judge of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine

Connections to legal entities
Name Type of connection Code
ownership 14351692
Bank accounts:
Bank Taxpayer's number Status
14305909 client of the bank
other spellings of name

Losyeva Svitlana Mykolayivna

Losyeva Svitlana Mȳkolayivna

Loseva Svetlana Nikolaevna

Losêva Svìtlana Mikolaïvna

Losjewa Switlana Mykolajiwna

Losjeva Svitlana Mikolajivna

Losjeva Svitlana Mikolaivna

Losieva Svitlana Mycolaivna

Лосева Светлана Николаевна

Losieva Svitlana Mykolaïvna

Losieva Svitlana Mykolaivna

Losjeva Svitlana Mykolajivna