Zvarych Ihor Stepanovych

Сategory Family member
Date of birth
Last position Lviv Administrative Court of Appeal, Head of the Court
Date of dismissal
other spellings of name

Зварыч Игорь Степанович

Swarytsch Ihor Stepanowytsch

Zvarych Igor' Stepanovich

Zvarych Ihor Stepanovych

Zvarich Igor Stepanovich

Zvarič Ìgor Stepanovič

Zvarych Igor′ Stepanovich

Zvarych Igor Stepanovich

Zvarytch Ihor Stepanovytch

Zvaryč Igor′ Stepanovič

Zvarič Igor Stepanovič

Zvary'ch Igor' Stepanovich

Zvarȳch Ihor Stepanovȳch

Zvarych Igor Stepanovych

Zvaryč Ihor Stepanovyč