Sysiuk Oleksandr Mykolaiovych

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Last position overtax management llp,
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period

Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine , Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine

business relationships

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament) , Member of Parliament of Ukraine of the 7th Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, the Party of Regions

business relationships

є (були) пов'язаними з АТ «ВКП «МЕТАЛІСТ»

Connections to legal entities
other spellings of name

Sysiouk Oleksandr Mykolayovytch

Sysyuk Alexandr Nikolaevich

Сысюк Александр Николаевич

Sisjuk Oleksandr Mikolajovič

Sisjuk Oleksandr Mikolajovich

Sysiuc Olecsandr Mycolaiovych

Sysiuk Olexandr Mykolaiovych

Sysiuk Oleksandr Mykolaiovych

Sysjuk Oleksandr Mykolajovych

Sysiuk Aleksandr Nikolaevich

Sisûk Oleksandr Mikolajovič

Sysjuk Aleksandr Nikolaevich

Sy'syuk Aleksandr Nikolaevich

Sysyuk Oleksandr Mykolayovych

Sysûk Aleksandr Nikolaevič

Sysyuk Aleksandr Nikolaevich

Sȳsyuk Oleksandr Mȳkolaĭovȳch

Sysjuk Oleksandr Mykolajovyč

Sysjuk Oleksandr Mykolajowytsch