Dymov Kyrylo Yanovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Last position State Enterprise "SETAM", Acting General Director
Jan. 13, 2016 Resigned
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
Period Position
2015 — till Jan. 13, 2016 State Enterprise "SETAM", Acting General Director
other spellings of name

Dimov Kirilo Janovich

Dymov Kirill Janovich

Дымов Кирилл Янович

Dymov Kirill Ânovič

Dimov Kirilo Ânovič

Dy'mov Kirill Yanovich

Dymov Kirill Yanovich

Dȳmov Kȳrȳlo Yanovȳch

Dymov Kyrylo Yanovych

Dymov Kyrylo Janovych

Dymow Kyrylo Janowytsch

Dimov Kirilo Janovič

Dymov Cyrylo Yanovych

Dymov Kyrylo Ianovytch

Dymov Kyrylo Ianovych

Dymov Kyrylo Janovyč

Dymov Kirill Ianovich