Skuratovska Liudmyla Volodymyrivna

Сategory Family member
Last position Solo Commercial Firm, LLC, Founder
Connections to individuals
Connections to legal entities
Name Type of connection Code
ownership 34483904
ownership 34902955
Founder 34902955
Founder 34483904
Former Founder/shareholder 39018680
Former Founder/shareholder 31814023
Former Founder/shareholder 35905571
Beneficial owner 34902955
Beneficial owner 34483904
Founder 34483904
Founder 34902955
ownership 39018680
Beneficial owner 39018680
other spellings of name

Skuratovska Liudmyla Volodymyrivna

Skuratovs′ka Lûdmila Volodimirìvna

Skuratovs'ka Ljudmila Volodimirivna

Скуратовская Людмила Владимировна

Skuratovs'ka Liudmyla Volodymyrivna

Skuratovskaia Liudmila Vladimirovna

Scuratovs'ca Liudmyla Volodymyrivna

Skuratovska Lyudmȳla Volodȳmȳrivna

Skuratovskaâ Lûdmila Vladimirovna

Skuratovs'ka Lyudmyla Volodymyrivna

Skuratovsʹka Ljudmyla Volodymyrivna

Skuratowska Ljudmyla Wolodymyriwna

Skuratovs'ka Ljudmyla Volodymyrivna

Skouratovska Lioudmyla Volodymyrivna

Skuratovskaya Lyudmila Vladimirovna

Skuratovskaja Ljudmila Vladimirovna