Mykhalchyshyna Svitlana Heorhiivna

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Nov. 27, 2014 Close associate or family member - PEP is no more PEP
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Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament) , Member of Parliament of Ukraine of the 7th Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, the Svoboda All-Ukrainian Union

other spellings of name

Mȳkhalchȳshȳna Svitlana Heorhiyivna

Myxalʹčyšyna Svitlana Heorhijivna

Mykhalchyshyna Svitlana Georgiivna

Mychaltschyschyna Switlana Heorhijiwna

Mykhaltchychyna Svitlana Heorhiïvna

Mykhalchyshyna Svitlana Heorhiivna

Mikhal'chishin Svetlana Georgievna

Mykhal'chyshyna Svitlana Georgiivna

Михальчишин Светлана Георгиевна

Mykhal'chyshyna Svitlana Heorhiivna

Mikhal′chishin Svetlana Georgievna

Mihal'čišina Svitlana Georgiivna

Mixal'chishin Svetlana Georgievna

Mihal'chishin Svetlana Georgievna

Mihalchishin Svetlana Georgievna

Mihal′čišin Svetlana Georgievna

Mikhal'chishina Svitlana Georgijivna

Mikhalchishin Svetlana Georgievna

Mihal′čišina Svìtlana Georgìïvna

Mykhal'chyshyna Svitlana Heorhiyivna