Muzhenko Oksana Viktorivna

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine , Chief of the General Staff, Commander of Armed Forces of Ukraine

other spellings of name

Muženko Oksana Viktorivna

Mujenko Oksana Viktorovna

Moujenko Oksana Viktorivna

Муженко Оксана Викторовна

Muzhenko Oxana Viktorivna

Mushenko Oksana Wiktoriwna

Muzhenko Oksana Viktorivna

Muzhenko Oksana Viktorovna

Muženko Oksana Viktorovna

Muzhenko Oxana Viktorovna

Muženko Oksana Vìktorìvna

Mujenco Ocsana Victorivna