Zubrytskyi Vasyl Mykolaiovych

Сategory Family member
Sept. 8, 2016 Close associate or family member - PEP is no more PEP
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period

Zhytomyr oblast (region) Court of Appeal, Judge Assistant


Zhytomyr oblast (region) Court of Appeal, Judge of the Zhytomyr oblast (region) Court of Appeal

other spellings of name

Zubryts'cyi Vasyl' Mycolaiovych

Zubrickij Vasil′ Nikolaevič

Зубрицкий Василий Николаевич

Subryzkyj Wasyl Mykolajowytsch

Zubrytskyi Vasyl Mykolaiovych

Zubritski Vasil Nikolaevich

Zu1brickijj Vasilijj Nikolaevich

Zubrickij Vasilij Nikolaevič

Zubryts'kyi Vasyl' Mykolaiovych

Zubritskij Vasilij Nikolaevich

Zubrickii Vasilii Nikolaevich

Zubriczkij Vasilij Nikolaevich

Zoubrytskyy Vasyl Mykolayovytch

Zubritckii Vasilii Nikolaevich

Zubrytsky Vasyl Mykolaiovych

Zubrȳtskȳĭ Vasȳl Mȳkolaĭovȳch

Zubritski Vasili Nikolaevich

Zubritskiy Vasil Nikolaevich

Zubrytski Vasyl Mykolaiovych

Zubrycʹkyj Vasylʹ Mykolajovyč

Zubritskij Vasil' Nikolaevich

Zubritskiy Vasiliy Nikolaevich

Зубрицкий Василь Николаевич

Zubryts'kyj Vasyl' Mykolajovych

Zubryts'kyy Vasyl' Mykolayovych

Zubritskii Vasilii Nikolaevich

Zu1brickijj Vasil′ Nikolaevich

Zubrickii Vasil Nikolaevich

Zubritsky Vasil Nikolaevich

Zubritsky Vasily Nikolaevich

Zubric′kij Vasil′ Mikolajovič

Zubritskii Vasil Nikolaevich

Zubric'kij Vasil' Mikolajovich

Zubritckii Vasil Nikolaevich

Zubric'kij Vasil' Mikolajovič

Zubriczkij Vasil' Nikolaevich

Zubritskiy Vasil' Nikolaevich