REGISTER OF DOMESTIC POLITICALLY EXPOSED PERSONS OF UKRAINE is information database of domestic Ukrainian politically exposed persons and related legal entities.

Searching for data on the site is free of charge. No part of these materials can be reproduced or used in any form, including graphic, electronic, photocopier or any other way without reference to this site.

Access to the open data set is provided on a paid basis in partnership with the technical partner of the project - Data Ocean.

How to access the Registry via Rest API?

Our partners provide software developers with access to the Registry through the Rest API. Data can be obtained in XML and JSON formats.

Step 1. Register on the site

Step 2. Go to the profile page and find the API access token

Step 3. We use the token in HTTP requests by adding a header to the request:

Authorization: Token <token>

Endpoint with PEP register:

GET parameters:

· fullname - case-insensitive search by full name;

· page_size - the number of entries per page;

· page - page;

· is_pep - true / false - is it  a PEP.

Our technical partners from Data Ocean can set up access for you via the Rest API. To do this, please contact Data Ocean by any way convenient for you:





View the documentation:

What is the cost of access to open data?

 Depending on your needs, pricing is determined by the technical partners - Data Ocean. Details of available tariff plans can be viewed here

For investigative journalists and Ukrainian government institutions, access to open data can be provided on preferential free terms. Please send a reasoned request for such access to