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Rafalskyi Oleh Oleksiiovych

Last position: Republican Party of Ukraine, First Deputy Head of the Party – Head of the Secretariat

Solovei Nelia Yuriivna

Connection: father, Yurii Ihorovych Solovei

Indychenko Solomiia Borysivna

Connection: father, Borys Borysovych Indychenko

Halasiuk Yuliia Oleksandrivna

Connection: husband, Viktor Valeriiovych Halasiuk

Zhyha Andrii Ivanovych

Connection: wife, Olha Pavlivna Zhyha

Adonin Oleksandr Volodymyrovych

Limited Liability Company "designing, construction, service" engineering and construction company "

Taxpayer's number: 32347809

Connection: Beneficial owner, Oleh Volodymyrovych Hladkovskyi