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Kiro Vitalii Ivanovych

Date of birth: 12.03.1971

Last position: VK TOBACCO FZE, Beneficial owner

Connection: business relationships, Artur Stanislavovych Yemelianov
Connection: business relationships, Svitlana Hennadiivna Yemelianova
Connection: personal relationships, Olha Yuriivna Kiro

Mykhailov Mykhailo Pavlovych

Date of birth: 1951

Last position: Zaporizhzhyaoblenergo PJSC, Заступник голови наглядової ради

Connection: business relationships, Olena Anatoliivna Horban
Connection: business relationships, Ihor Petrovych Kornilenkov
Connection: business relationships, Oleksandr Viktorovych Pozniakov
Connection: daughter, Krystyna Mykhailivna Mykhailova

Homaniuk Oleksii Volodymyrovych

Klymenko Stanislav Ihorovych

Connection: father, Ihor Volodymyrovych Klymenko

Sehin Oksana Myroslavivna

Connection: husband, Bohdan Yevstakhovych Sehin

Slipko Serhii Oleksiiovych

Date of birth: 1969

Last position: PJSC "National Joint-Stock Company "Nadra of Ukraine", Заступник голови наглядової ради

Connection: business relationships, Iryna Kostiantynivna Lisova
Connection: business relationships, Yaroslav Yaroslavovych Klymovych
Connection: daughter, Yuliia Serhiivna Slipko
Connection: wife, Alla Viktorivna Slipko

Perevalsk Mine

Taxpayer's number: 26497452

Connection: Head, Mykola Nurhaliiovych Shynharov

"Ukrcorresources" llc

Taxpayer's number: 34979656

Connection: Joint ownership, Ihor Vitaliiovych Zheltobriukh
Connection: Beneficial owner, Ihor Vitaliiovych Zheltobriukh

Mine "Chervoniy Profintern" of Production Association "Ordzhonikidzecaol" of Ministry of Coal Industry of Ukraine

Taxpayer's number: 00175633

Connection: Head, Valerii Heorhiiovych Revskyi

Main Division of Pension Fund of Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (Region)

Taxpayer's number: 21910427

Connection: Head, Yurii Ivanovych Kozak

Main Division of Pension Fund of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk region

Taxpayer's number: 20551088

Connection: Head, Valerii Stepanovych Semanyshyn
Connection: Head, Nadiia Mykolaivna Pavliuk
Connection: Head, Anatolii Anatoliiovych Nazarov

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine "Dnipro-inform-Resource"

Taxpayer's number: 32434237

Connection: Head, Valerii Volodymyrovych Hromov