Ferdico S.R.L

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Beneficial owner 2017 —
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On 03 February 2017, Ferdico S.R.L received a state act of ownership of the villa on Batterie street in Italian municipality San Felice Circeo, Lazio region, Latina province (via delle Batterie, San Felice Circeo, Lazio, Latina, Italy). A company Ferdico S.R.L belongs to the firm of Avakov Avitalia s.r.l. .

Villa has 26 rooms in the building with a total area of 566 sq. meters on the ground and first floors together with the basement. According to journalists, an estimated cost of this realty, as calculator on the website shows, amounts to nearly 774,000 EUR.

During the takeover by the company Avitalia s.r.l. authorized capital of Ferdico S.R.L amounted to 30,000 EUR. Thus, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine became the owner of realty worth 774,000 EUR for 30,000 EUR.

Google Maps displays a house with a pool at this address.

In his comments to Ukrainska Pravda, Arsen Avakov explained that this has been one of the business-projects of his wife. According to him, the building is to become a mini-hotel and has been purchased with a loan and the funds of the company Avitalia s.r.l.