Limited liability company "astra finance"

Сategory Connected to PEP
Taxpayer's number 37716815
Current state registered
Country Ukraine
Address 03087, м.Київ, ВУЛИЦЯ АДАМА МІЦКЕВИЧА, будинок 10 03087, м.Київ, ВУЛИЦЯ АДАМА МІЦКЕВИЧА, будинок 10, квартира 32

Astra Finance LLC owns a digital license of the channel “Espresso TV”.

In October 2014, Inna Avakova, wife of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, issued an option to buy out a share in the firm Astra Finance from the official owners of the TV channel “Espresso TV”, which owns a digital license of the TV channel. This could be seen from the declaration of the Minister. Obligation was estimated at 5.05 million UAH.

Inna Avakova owned the channel together with Arseniy Yatseniuk and Larysa Kniazhytska, wife of a Member of Parliament Mykola Kniazhytskiy from the party “Narodnyi Front . However, on 30 December 2017 Espresso TV” informed that Arsen Avakov’s wife and Arseniy Yatseniuk sold their shares to the company of Ivan Zhevago, son of the oligarch and Member of Parliamet Kostyantyn Zhevago. According to the declaration for 2017, Inna Avakova sold her share in Astra Finance LLC for 55.8 million UAH to the company Atmosphere Entertainment Inc (New York, USA).