Limited Liability Company "Ukrainian Institute of Public Opinion Research"

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Taxpayer's number 33630441
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Also known as Назва до 25.11.2014 - ТОВ "ФОМ-Україна"
Дата створення Dec. 15, 2005
Country Ukraine
Address 01004, м.Київ, ВУЛИЦЯ ТОЛСТОГО, будинок 9
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Founder 7710309950

Artur Gerasimov  was among the founders of FOM-Ukraine LLC  until 25 November 2014. He has been Member of Parliament of 8th convocation, Head of the Deputy faction of party Block Petra Poroshenka. On 25 November 2014, his share in the statutory capital was transferred to Gerasimova Violetta Serhiivna.

Together with Gerasimov co-founders of FOM-Ukraine LLC were Serhiy LiakhOlexander Bukhalov and the Russian Institute of Foundation "Public opinion" LLC. The head and a co-founder of  Institute of Foundation “Public Opinion” LLC  is Oslon Olexander Anatoliyovych, other co-founders Churykov Oleksiy Volodymyrovych, Akulova Oksana Ilariivna, and Petrenko Olena Serafymivna .

Oslon Olexander Anatoliyovych is the founder of the Foundation “Public Opinion”, Russian organization created in 1992 and dealing with sociological research, supports current authorities. In 1996 the Foundation became the basic sociological organization of the election headquarters of B.M.Eltsyn. The foundation had the same role in Putin’s headquarters in 1999-2000 and in 2004. Among the clients are Rosbank, Sberbank, Bank “Russia”, Yandex,, innovation center “Skolkovo”, Roskino, Renaissance Insurance, government of Moscow region, and State commission on development of Arctic of Russian Federation. Churykov Olexiy and Olena Petrenko had the leading positions in the same foundation.

On the territory of Ukraine FOM-Ukraine LLC was doing many researches of public opinion, including the exit polls, and was making ratings of political parties. Some media accused FOM-Ukraine LLC that they traditionally exaggerated the results of polls in favor of the Party of Regions. Publications in press about their activity: No.1No.2No.3No.4No.5.

On 25 November 2014, before Gerasimov was elected to the Parliament, FOM-Ukraine LLC was renamed to Ukrainian Institute of Public Opinion Research LLC. Russian Institute of Foundation “Public Opinion” terminated being its founder.