wargrave trading llp

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Registration N OC370544
Current state dissolved since Dec. 20, 2016
Дата створення Dec. 7, 2011
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Address Newcastle Upon Tyne, Shield Field, 9 King Charles Tower
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112021619 Клієнт банку
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Нардеп від “Слуги народу” не відобразив у декларації британську фірму, де він був бенефіціарним власником

According to the report of lobbying company Wiley Rein LLP, Wargrave Trading LLP paid services on lobbying interests of Yulia Tymoshenko  (in November 2013 company transferred USD 35 thousand USD 35,000, and another USD 20,000 in December of the same year).

Besides that, Wargrave Trading LLP can also be seen in the list of money transfers for 2014, published by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine as such that was found in the end of December 2015 during searches of Gennadiy Korban, one of the team members of Ihor Kolomoiskiy’s team (More details at “Sponsor of Tymoshenko and founders of the company-transporter of ilmenite were detected in Korban’s list)

Firm Wargrave Trading LLP was also engaged in the establishment of LLC Unitrans Operator, which in 2015 was awarded tenders of Unified Mining and Chemical Company for the amount of UAH 342.55 mln UAH for transportation of goods with railway transport. Wargrave Trading LLP is a co-founder of Latvian firm RV TRANS, which was a co-founder of LLC “Unitrans Operator”. Another co-founder of RV TRANS was a Virginian Offshore company Delacon Systems Ltd. Delacon Systems Ltd is also part of the "Korban’s List".

Besides that, Wargrave Trading LLP is part of NABU criminal proceedings No. 52016000000000005 and No. 52015000000000010. According to NABU information, received within criminal proceedings No. 52016000000000005, company Steuermann on 12 December 2013, 07 November 2014, and on 11 December 2014 concluded loan agreements pursuant to which it received loans for the general amount of USD 1,319,650.21 from Wargrave Trading LLP. From 2012 Ruslan Mykolayovych Zhurylo  was an authorized representative of Wargrave Trading LLP, from 2013 he was beneficiary owner of Wargrave Trading LLP, and on 17 December 2014 he re-registered ownership of the company on his wife Zhanna Leonidivna Grygorenko  and Serhiy Serhiyovych Evseev, director of LLC “Torgservice”, which during 2015-2016 was being awarded tenders conducted by SE “Unified Mining and Chemical Company.

In criminal proceedings No. 52015000000000010, it was established that funds that were transferred by SE “Eastern GOK to the accounts of the company Steuermann (as payments for uranium concentrate) were later transferred to accounts of the company WARGRAVE TRADING LLP. From the account of WARGRAVE TRADING LLP funds were transferred to the account of the company DALLAS FUEL SA ( from 29.01.2015 to 30.12.2015 USD 3.403 mln were transferred) from which they were spent for the needs of Mykola Martynenko, including to pay for his lawyers and services for his family members.

 WARGRAVE TRADING LLP together with DALLAS FUEL SA, DELACON SYSTEMS LTD. (BVI, 1677739, can also be found Korban’s list), FUSILERO ENTERPRISES INTERNATIONAL S.A. (Panama, 738693-1991029), NEBLINA HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL S.A. (Panama, 738691-1991006), STEEL PRODUCTS LIMITED (Great Britain 4285033) were also among founders of SAULITE LLP (SO304652), terminated on 25 September 2016.