Who is the Register’s administrator, and why does he/she has the right to collect the published information?

Anti-corruption Action Centre NGO is the administrator and the owner of the Register.

Anti-corruption Action Centre NGO is creating the Register in the course of its statute activities and in keeping with the constitutional right of its members on information, on freedom of thought and speech, on free expression of their views and beliefs.

The data published in the Register were received in the course of realization by Anti-corruption Action Centre NGO of its right to access public information stipulated by the Law of Ukraine “On the Access to the Public information”, as well as information from the open publicly available sources that has already been published. This information is not that of limited access and does not contain personal data as interpreted by the Law of Ukraine “On the Personal Data Protection” according to part 2 of Article 5 of the mentioned Law.

The conclusions, judgements, estimations of Anti-corruption Action Centre are based on the received information; they have evaluative nature and are not subject to refutation. However, Anti-corruption Action Centre keeps it possible for the politically exposed persons, their associates, and companies, that are mentioned on this site to provide  proofs and facts that would make the published information more accurate.

The Register is subject to the copyright, belonging to Anti-corruption Action Centre NGO under the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Adjacent Rights”. No part of these materials can be reproduced or used in any form, including graphic, electronic, photocopier or any other way without referencing this site. This site is public and free for use for non-commercial purposes on the condition of referencing it. Use of information from the site for commercial purposes (including its further re-sale as various analytical products) is prohibited. The exception is use of site information by journalists, civil activists and analysts in order to prepare materials for the media and scientific research.